Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 13 Eyes bigger than...

Yep. Done it again. Made too much AND ate it all. Those starving children in Africa must be thanking me all right. What was with that expression anyway? It is totally illogical that if I ate all the food on my plate that might help some poor kid in Ethiopia? Sheesh - the things that one's parents inculcate into one's head. Poor subconscious has been battling with that all its life no doubt, trying to save as many starving kids as possible...and it has all ended up blanketing my frame. Hmpf.


Logic 1. Listen to my stomach. It will tell me when I am full.
Logic 2. listen to my stomach. It will tell me when it is empty and I am hungry.
Logic 3. Test out Logic 2 by drinking a glass of water, as Logic 2 is not quite compos mentis. If that satisfies then I was thirsty, not hungry. If I am still feeling empty, then have something to eat, that I fancy.
Logic 4. Eat what I want, and be aware of the portions, and stop when I am full. Basically Logic 1...

Nice little cycle.

In the meantime, I am going to take this full tummy and go for a little stroll.

Food calories today: 2340
Weetabix breakfast, beef stew with rice for lunch, banana & 9 squares Cadbury's Whole Nut chocolate for snacks, then the gut bustin' dinner - stirfried pork, veg & edamame bean noodles. 3 pints water, 2 mugs tea.

Today I have been reading Zaababy's blog. She is so much fun. I love her stories, her exhortations, her encouragement, her triumphs - am rooting for her continuing success! I also like how she has managed her weight-loss by living a normal life. That is the most encouraging thing of all. She has taken her enemy 'food' and turned it into her friend, her colleague, her neighbour. Her and food are on good terms :) And with her example of going for a walk, yep, I think that will be okay. Here and back to the park for me. About a mile.

Grrr. It is raining. Not too heavily, but heavy enough to get soaked. Bother. My grand stroll is going to have to wait until later. Heh, midnight stroll. I could take the long route to my local! That's up a small incline for about quarter a mile, a bit of flat, and a steep hill descent. If the rain doesn't stop then my great walk is re-scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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