Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 15 Not perfect and it is okay

Calories for today: Drumroll.... An astounding....1921!!!

I've fitted in Cheerios for breakfast, chilli pork noodles for lunch and a mozzarella salad for dinner, plus a banana & a peaches with vanilla sugar & yoghurt pudding. All stuff I like to eat which doesn't have a hint of diet about it.

I've decided to stop stressing about my exercise regime. It is expecting myself to adhere to some kind of standard of being perfect, setting myself up to fail, and also creating a way to think of myself in unkind terms. So I'm desisting. When I am ready, the exercise desire will come, and I will be so happy doing whatever I do that it will not be a chore, it will be a pleasure. :)

So hooray for me! I am so full of pride with myself for my efforts these past two weeks on the food front. Not made it to the doc's either to get weighed - I guess I'm still not ready for that. And it is okay. I know how much I was the last time I was at the doc's and well, am due back there in October, so perhaps we'll wait till then.

There's no rush. It has taken me all these years to get to the weight I am now. And well, I can take some time getting it off too. What is important is I understand the reasons and triggers for my over eating and address them one by one. I want a healthy relationship with food. I love food. And I want to enjoy it and feel good at the same time.

I really liked Sean Anderson's post yesterday when he talked about the wrong battle. I'm learning to be friends with me too.

Excuse me while I go munch on this yummy corn on the cob. It's so sweet it doesn't need butter. In fact, interestingly I haven't missed butter at all. Probably because there hasn't been much bread. :) I did have a look at some recipes online for waffles & pancakes, french toast and other yummies I used to indulge in regularly. I think I will still eat them, just not as often, and not as much. I'm learning about portions, real appetite, calories and nutritional value. Maybe those treats will be something I will share with a new man when he appears in my life :) Now that's a lovely thought.

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