Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 16 More baby steps

I read a book recently: Making the big leap by Suzy Greaves. What got me to pick it up at the library was the subtitle: Coach yourself to create the life you really want.

One of the things that remained with me afterwards was the idea of taking baby steps. Instead of committing to big changes right away and frightening myself back into my comfortable rut. :)

So here's baby step for Day 16 - I've made an appointment next Tuesday with the nurse at our local surgery to get myself a check over and my weight recorded. More of the accountability I guess. Will ask them if I can come in once a month for weighing. And this evening I'm collecting my new electronic food scales that will weigh 1g accurately.

:D also means I can put my whimsical bathroom scales away, and just concentrate on being mindful about food, and upping my activity.

Have also spent part of the day looking at revamping my CV and portfolio, and having ideas of how to market myself to prospective employers. Time for a change in more ways than eating well and being more active. I have often felt that what I do at work is not very much and also not terrifically memorable or great in any way. But having looked over what I have done this year I am really quite pleased. There is enough here for employers to see I have skills, capabilities and experience to tackle all sorts of communication projects. :) Me good! Hurrah for me!

Am out tonight, so have factored in a couple of pints for the evening.
Calories for the day so far: A spiffing...1030 !
Cheerios for breakfast, egg salad for lunch, and tomato bruschetta for tea. I'm feeling quite full, so don't think I'll be wanting much this evening after coming back apart from perhaps some fruit & yoghurt, which usually works out around 200 cals.

Really happy at going out tonight, am seeing a band called Message to Bears which does rather sublime sounding music, almost lullabyish. Should be an interesting evening.

Friday morning: music last night was splendid, the support and the headliner bands both got on stage for a finale of 7 part harmony ( or that is what my friend told me it was) all I know, is it sounded great and all of them looked like they were having a great time.

Final calories for day were 1341 with a pint of draught Guinness and a half pint of diet lemonade. I did make myself the fruit thing, but was soooooo tired I ate one bite and didn't want it. Note to self - late night eating is usually a bad idea...

Water: a little low, 3 pints

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