Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 32 A sneaky stat and some thoughts on my larder and exercise

I don't get an official weigh in until mid October but I've just been on my 'unreliable' bathroom scales, and they say I am 21 st and 8 lbs. And I just measured my waist, it is now 41 and 7/8 inches, and that was without sucking my breath in or tying the tape on tightly! I feel better, am sleeping much more soundly, my skin looks good, and I seem to have much more energy!

The larder thoughts were about all that nice stoneground flour I got to make homemade bread. I got it out and checked the dates - use by Oct 2010. So, I put it back and have told myself I can make a couple of loaves towards the end of next month when I know someone is visiting, or I am going to see some of my family and can take it with me to them. That way I get to indulge my cooking instincts and also get to sample some but not have it in the house as a temptation to get butter and eat the lot...

Right now I am drinking my several glasses of water for today, and a bit later will head out to the allotment and maybe go for a short walk from there to Iffley Village and along the towpath. It's a good plan because the 'lottie, the village and the towpath are connected by  nice steep slopes which will be excellent exercise for my thighs, glutes and calves, not to mention my cardio!

I read on a blog that lunges and squats were the best bottom and leg firming exercises to do. Unfortunately I am still too heavy to do them properly - ie get as low as I would like, because of knee joint and ankle problems. I can hike and walk however, so I will do what I can, and as my fitness increases, lunges and squats may become a much bigger part of my exercise routine.

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