Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 8

Active day today. Also sunny, very hot, some breezes occasionally. Feeling good.

Breakfast: 3 weetabix with 250ml ss milk, 1 tsp sugar, roobios tea, banana (very full!)
Lunch: 100g (uncooked) wholewheat spaghetti with 120g prawns, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 chilli pepper, garlic clove & 1 tbsp olive oil; strawberries with 2 tsp sugar & 75ml half fat creme fraiche, 2 glasses water
Snack: 2 corn on the cob, boiled plus 2 oz strong cheddar cheese
Dinner: Approx 1.5 cups boiled white rice with sliced pork chop strifried in 1 tbsp olive oil with 1/2 pkt mixed stirfry veg & edamame beans, 1/4 pkt spinach, soy sauce, slug of sesame oil, maggi seasoning, freshly ground pepper (majorly full after this)
Sweet craving around 11 pm: battled this with cocoa drink made with 2 tsp sugar, 200ml milk, 1tsp cocoa powder ( I must get some lo-cal chocolate drink sachets )

Exercise: YES!
1 hour digging and messing about at the allotment in the hot sunshine
40 mins swimming ( 34 laps HOORAY! Half a mile... )

The digging left me with tremble hands after. Maybe not quite so much enthusiasm next time. Pace myself, do some planting or weeding as well. The swimming just was ace. I didn't want to overdo on my first day back in nearly two weeks. Slow and steady to build it up again to the 1 mile I did on 1st August.

Sad news: Our City Council are closing my local pool to fund a new one 2 miles away from me. I guess I will no longer be able to walk to the pool in a year's time...heh, perhaps I will be cycling to the new one instead! With an extra good lock on the bike because new pool is going to be in high crime area. Hmpf.

Some pictures of my day today.

Heh - I'm so happy to see that little shoot. :D

Some thoughts about my food intake today. I feel very full, so perhaps I have had too big portions. Next time I can do without the rice with the meat & edamame bean stirfry; 1 corn on the cob instead of two; strawberries au naturel; cut the oil consumption to 1/2 tablespoon instead of 1 tbsp. And eating 2 instead of 3 weetabix. Well, that was a mistake, the extra one fell out of the to say that big brekkie kept me going until half two, through work time, digging the lottie AND my 40 mins swim session.

Perhaps I could consider big breakfast, big carbs for lunch, protein & veg only for dinner? And pick up some tiny chocccie thing I can freeze in small pieces and eat one bit whenever I get the urge for sweet chocolatey. Hmm, chocolate. Normally I don't crave it, why now? PMT?

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