Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 31 stats

Here is today's food  - calories 2135 Green day SW syns 28.5. Most of the syns came from the lunchtime bagel. Most of the calories came from my carbohydrate rich dinner! Dinner tonight was yoghurt mashed potato topped with cottage cheese (for the calcium), baked beans and a couple of quorn burgers - the southern style ones with a serving of chilli jam. In itself not a bad thing on the Green Day as only the chilli jam incurred syns. Whole dinner came to 748 cals. Hmm - might go easy on the potatoes and the chilli jam next time.

This is a learning journey and I am learning from my mistakes on how to make better choices next time. What I am aiming for is to find a happy balance for food at around 1500-1800 cals and feel happy and full and satisfied on it. The yoghurt in the mash was inspired. It tasted great. Better than the olive oil one a few days ago and almost as good as the butter and milk one last weekend. Heh - retraining the tastebuds! One day the thought of eating bread slathered with butter will be less appealing than it is now (I hope!).

I also made carrot and lentil soup today. Yummy stuff - works out at 273 cals per 500ml.

Hmm since I did eat over my current 2000 cal amount I am going to do a bit of exercise tomorrow. I was going to have a rest day, however a short 20-30 mins around the park will be beneficial. Or even a little trek along the towpath :) Allotment needs attention too - take along the trusty hoe and maybe get started on de-couch-grassing that strawberry bed. Must find my blue tarp to cover over my bits and bobs until I get a proper tool shed/shelter built.

Tonight I watched a Grand Designs rerun of this beautiful wood house built by a guy who owns, lives and works in a sweet chestnut wood in the middle of Sussex. Gorgeous fairy story home. I do like that kind of thing a lot. And all totally self-sufficient, solar powered, wind powered, fuel from the wood, composted sewage, grows own food. I wonder if I have the kind of drive in me to create something as wonderful.

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