Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 33 Focusing on Food

I've spent a large amount of today analysing food recipes, reading a lushly delicious book on English food by Gary Rhodes, and being really aware of what food I am putting into my mouth! I have a plan for some muffins later on in this habit changing journey. I have worked out the calories to make a dozen muffins - shocking! 264 for the smallest...eek! And to think I might have scoffed at least 2 or 3 at a time. :o The Gary Rhodes book had some great stuff in it, some I might adapt for a less fat version.

It's an interesting phenomenon, how altering one's eating habits brings food so much more into focus. I usually just think - I fancy that, and off I go to get it or make an approximation of it to satisfy that craving. Now, of course, I have to operate within the parameters of the SW suggestions and to keep a tab of the calorific values. Neither of which I would have bothered with before, my only criteria being, "do I like it?", "does it taste good?", "can I afford it?"! Now, it is all those three AND is it good for me, does it fit in within my current rules for eating. :)

I've eaten extremely well today, well - as in the food I ate was delicious, and well - as the food I had were good choices healthily speaking.

Here's the low-down:
weetabix & milk for breakfast (wow! I forgot the sugar - and tbh I don't miss it)
bucatini with quorn & vegetable pasta sauce & 1 oz parmesan, plus a banana for lunch ( very filling)
apple, banana, 2 crackers with cottage cheese for afternoon tea ( I savored every bite of those crackers - I MISS bread & flour products so much!)
yoghurt mashed potatoes, a pork loin chop stirfried with some Fry Light, 1/4 pint gravy, applesauce, cabbage & cauliflower for dinner
chocolate options drink and a banana for late evening snack

All that comes to SW Green Day Syns 14 and calories 2095. I still have a barely restrained craving for something bready or biscuity. I'm going to save it for tomorrow - which is a Red or Original SW day where I get to eat lots of protein, so I am having a wholemeal bagel somewhere - think best towards the end of the day.

Exercise - I did a set of lunges, squats & other leg & calf exercises. Been feeling rather low today. I think I might have a bit of SAD - it was grey and overcast and mostly drizzly this morning.

Watched a documentary on Gauguin. Perhaps that is what I want - to escape to a beautiful paradise and live on a boat, fish and pluck fruit from the trees... :D I want some more colour in my life. Redecorate a wall or two? Paint a mural? Will certainly keep me occupied and away from the 'fridge!

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