Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 32 Beth Ditto, healthy and unhealthy fat, and things I want to do

I'm watching Fearne Cotton interview Beth Ditto on TV. Beth is Gossip's lead singer and a big girl. She is also fabulously fashionable, beautifully made up, coiffed and gorgeous in a lovely cuddly fashion. I can see in her, attractiveness. I think this is very much down to her huge character and the way she owns her body. Beth Ditto is comfortable in her own skin. Beth makes no apologies for her size and she lives her life as it is, and enjoys every moment. As far as I can see her fat doesn't restrict her. All this makes her hugely attractive. Something to learn from seeing this.

It isn't the size of a person that determines attractiveness, it is their vitality, their outlook, the energy they give out. I have noticed that in the past, the times I have decided to forget about making an impression and worrying about my weight whatever size I was currently, and just got on with having a great time with the people and things around me, I also had the best times of my life. :) And that is something I want back. So here is something else to work on as well as my health. Having more fun!

With me, I feel unhealthy at the moment, so getting my weight down is getting rid of unhealthy fat that is restricting my enjoyment of life. There are so many things I want to do which necessitate a little more agility, a little more energy, a little more balance than I can manage right now. I am so looking forward to trying out dinghy sailing again - I learned how to do this a couple of years ago, but was so worried about being unable to fish myself out of the water back into the boat that I developed an unreasoning fear of falling in. I am sure that phobia is entirely down to my lack of confidence in myself, my body's abilities, so being lighter, trimmer, more toned, stronger, more agile will definitely help me in achieving that. I love sailing. There is nothing so wonderful as skimming along in a fast little sailboat with the wind whizzing past, and the water surging away from your agile little craft.

I am also looking forward to getting back onto a bigger boat, like the one I went on last autumn, with Classic Sailing. Eve of St Mawes should be on prescription as a tonic for curing the blues and getting one's oomph back...! I am putting a picture of Eve on my fridge to remind me every day that there is more fun to be had in life than having a great taste in my mouth! I already have a photo of this lingerie model with the kind of figure I want to have eventually. I think it will be achievable, I have always had a waist, even when I was nearly 25 stone. And I am particularly delighted that the first physical signs of my weight loss has showed on my waist – whoo-hoo, forty-one and seven-eights of an inch! Heh!

Okay. Enough praising self. Stats for today's food and exercise: SW Green Day Syns 15 and calories 1978. Exercise - after reading about Patsy and her butt like "a black girl's bum" on her blog, I did a set of modified lunges, squats, and other lower body exercises from Joyce Vedral's Workout 101 I got a while back. Going to be dusting off those handweights this coming week! And doing more hiking like yesterday, as it is apparently VERY good for cardio and lower body. Really looking forward to getting back on the bike soon, so I can slim down my thunder thighs! I spent the afternoon asleep - obviously my body felt a day of rest was more imperative than checking on the allotment or trekking down to the river!

Today's food was really thought about - especially dinner. I made a modified version of my usual pasta sauce, which is generally laden with olive oil, this time I only used 1 tablespoon of oil, and quorn mince instead of beef to bulk it out. Delicious, and filling, I was amazed at how much grated parmesan is in one ounce. I am so very pleased with my new accurate food scales. Lunch was the last of the boiled chicken from earlier in the week, warmed in the microwave, smothered in bisto gravy, along with yoghurt mashed potato and heaps of lightly boiled cabbage and cauliflower. Breakfast was weetabix with vanilla sugar (I made this with a vanilla pod dumped in a jar of caster sugar- heavenly smell! and a fabulous little luxury), snacks - corn on the cob, crackers with cottage cheese, a banana and an options chocolate drink. A totally tasty menu, and all perfectly within the SW syn count and my current calorie allowance. I'm supposed to eat another piece of fruit, but I'm too full. Have to get in my apple & banana earlier on in the day tomorrow!

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