Monday, 13 September 2010

Day 19 Adjusting

Today was a take stock day, and a back to 'normal'. :) Normal as in eating the kind of foods that keep my appetite satisfied and my visual brain happy! And of course, within the 2000 cal adult recommended daily intake.

My body helped today by taking my conscious brain out of the loop this evening. I've been asleep for all of this evening. It probably decided rest was the best thing to help. Thank you subconscious! Of course, maybe that lovely glass of freixenet cordon negro brut might have been a contributing factor...still full of lovely fizz and crisp taste two days after we opened it - yum.

Exercise got a 'null' points today. Will have plenty tomorrow - my car needs some TLC, dear old reliable thing that it is, so am walking back from the garage. Tomorrow is also weigh day at the doc's. And since I am on foot, and nearby, I might as well go swimming and spend some time at the library. I will also have an all day bus pass so that is an excuse to do some wandering about Oxford, window shopping in town might be fun, or a ramble over to the Museum of Natural History to check out a few more curiosities at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Just checked the weather forecast - light rain, so it is brolly wielding weather. Just had a marvellous thought, maybe take a sketchbook and pencils with me. It's a good place to do drawings.

Calorie intake today: a sweet sweet...1616 !!
From a weetabix breakfast, 7 oz potatoes with bulghur wheat salad and 2 slices ham for lunch, a crisp apple from my own tree as a snack, and an indulgent dinner of spaghetti with calorie counted home made tomato marinara sauce, and 2 oz cheese! Accompanied by that aforementioned glass of bubbly.

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