Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 99 Ruby Ruby...

I've been cooking this afternoon, making soup. Mostly to get myself back into a nice serene calm frame of mind. As I suspected, the project has gone backwards a few steps, and I am submitting more visuals at the end of this week...and...we're aiming to wrap it up in 2 weeks. Yikes!

Good thing then that today is a steak & tomatoes day. My brain is going to need all that protein to work efficiently! Hmm, or is it glucose that it needs?

A habit victory today - had to get some change for the parking, and nipped into my local shop. I hovered over the confectionery counter, thinking - mmm, chocolate... then remembered the FBP! So instead of a biscuit covered in milk chocolate I got polo mints (I loathe chewing gum). Yes, it has sugar in it. And I have eaten 3 and left the rest of the roll in my bag. Score! :)

I'm making borscht - or a variation of it anyway, according to FBP principles. Hmm, just had a worried thought about beetroot, but it is okay, it IS a negative calorie food. So I am going to have ruby red soup this evening! Ohh, that snatch of an 80s song is running through my head now: "Ruby, Ruby, when will you be mine..."

It's by Donald Fagen, and gosh I remember that record sleeve too. Long gone now...

Oh yes, weighed self this morning and am 301 lbs. Darn. So close to being less than 300 lbs...

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