Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day 126 Attractiveness in others, and how it might apply to myself

Today's photo is to be of someone I find attractive. I thought quite hard about this, and decided on choosing people who represent an ideal for me, rather than individuals I have known personally. When I thought about the predominant qualities that drew me to them, I discovered it wasn't so much their looks (although that has some bearing) but their energy and vitality and over all else, their enthusiasm and ability to communicate their ideas. And their curiosity about the world around them.

So - what I find attractive is men who are energetic, active, passionate about their interests and verbally erudite. Great communicators. Interested about the world. Fit. And in thinking about this, I realise that all those qualities are what I am seeking for myself, in myself. I want to be energetic, active, passionate about my interests, curious about the world. I'm already pretty good with words, but there is always room for improvement in relationship skills! So, becoming an excellent communicator and promoter of ideas and ideals close to my heart is part of my journey. And being fit enough and more, to be able to tramp across vast vistas of the earth, well, that would be amazing.

Isn't it great when one discovers stuff? Now I know what I want, I can change my habits to create the person I want to be. And in doing so, I am sure I will attract the kind of people I find energizing and inspirational to become part of my life.

Here are the men I find interesting and attractive. They are both scientists in the media, teachers/professors, and I love how they are so obviously enthusiastic and informative about their subjects. And in the process of teaching us, their audience, about the wonders of science, they keep our interest without ever straying into pedantic pedagoguery! (is that a real word?? hehe. Find out about Brian Cox here, and Ian Stewart here.


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