Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 99 FBP day 5 & Snow, snow, but not much here

The good thing about doing the FBP is that I am really getting to know what foods my body seems to like lots of, and what makes it feel odd/sluggish/upset. So far it has done really happily on veggie days, mixed fruit & veg days, not so good on all fruit days, positively disliked banana & milk/yoghurt day, and although the tastebuds said yeahhh! to steak & tomatoes day, right now I'm feeling like my gut is backed up to my throat from all that meat!

Quite possibly, the water consumption factor affects it all. Less water days, more sluggish. More water days, chirpier! Will find out for sure next week, when I do the plan all over again. :)

My lovely sister called - she is snowed in up North! Had to shovel off a foot of snow from the top of her car this morning and a couple of hours to dig it out of the driveway...but to no avail, roads still blocked in Yorkshire. And it is snowing again...I love living in the UK, but it never ceases to amaze me how unprepared we always seem to be to our variable weather! You'd think because we get all sorts we ought to be au fait with it all, but every, single, time, we get caught with our pants down... I've had a smattering of snow here, so tomorrow, after doing some urgent work stuff, I'm toddling out to the park to make some snow prints, and get some fresh air. Fabulous as it is to be warm and cosy, it is also great to be out and although chilled, getting warm exercising!

Food calories today were 1370. Tomorrow is a meat & vegetables day, more like normal eating. I'm having chicken & prawns instead of steak :) And Friday will be eating carbs - 3 oz of rice is specified, along with lots of veggies and lots of freshly squeezed fruit & veg juice. Might get that juicer out of the cobwebbed corner it has been living in for the last 2 years!

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