Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day 102 Another soup and forward projections

I can't help it. Whenever I do really well at something, I immediately start making forward projections based on the performance of the last week, day, month, and completely forget about factoring in delays, drawbacks, regression, no-shows. I've done this with figuring out my projected income in the past and ended up paying a hefty tax bill in a year I could have done without...perhaps I might have a think about that scenario and re-cast my projection for weight-loss. Currently my thinking is that I might be able to get to around 220 lbs in 6 - 8 months. Which would be amazing, and totally fabulous, and I want to do that! It also means at that weight I will have much more confidence in my agility and balance, so going sailing might be a possibility, plus I will be able to fit into all my foul weather sailing gear easily. Now that's something to aim for. Reaching 220 lbs reward - a sailing trip.

As I have found, it isn't so cut and dried as eat less, move more. There is all the mental gymnastics to be sorted out first, and often that is the hardest part. This past week, the mental stuff has been going great, which is excellent. This week though I've already started making a few more modifications, which in the small way is allright, so long as I keep it small.

Today I decided to opt out of the supermarket run, and just go with what was left in the fridge until it has all gone, then start thinking about buying more food. The theory being that I am also watching my budget, and I know that whenever I go shopping for food I generally end up with too much. I did have to throw away some plums which was sad, and I don't want to do that again. I raided the storecupboard for fruity things instead, so calorifically this day is much the same as the last fruit day, a little less than 1400.

Soup making: 2 soups ended up in the pot today. The curried cauli also had brussels sprouts, potato & green beans in it. Then I decided to make a celeriac soup, with bacon. And this one ended up with more olive oil in it - 1 tbsp. So instead of being a fat-burner soup it is just a low cal soup. A serving, 1 bowl, approx 2 cups is 146 cals.

I'm thinking here, that if I'm going to modify the soups so they are more calorific, then I had better start doing a little more movement. Cleaning the house will be a good one. Heaving stuff up to the loft even better!

I'm going to make tomorrow a fruit & veg day, that will clear out all the perishables, and means I can start with a clean & empty fridge to restock on Monday. I like this idea.

I was looking through some other stats documents, and found that at the end of December 2009, I weighed 19 st 12 lbs, or 278 lbs. It would be excellent to achieve that weight again as a first major goal, especially as it will also be approx 10% of my starting weight lost. A good one to shoot for as a birthday present to me :)

Time to make a list of goals to tick off as I reach them!


  1. "As I have found, it isn't so cut and dried as eat less, move more. There is all the mental gymnastics to be sorted out first, and often that is the hardest part."

    You really have nailed the heart of the matter! This is spot on, and I am tickled to see you understand that the mental part is so important. This tells me you have the right priorities, and will do well. :-)


  2. Hi Loretta, thanks for dropping by! Yes, it is kind of like a door opening slowly, this mental stuff.