Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hip Hip Happy stomach

This time yesterday my stomach was very unhappy. It felt queasy, I felt nauseous, my throat had that acid clogged up feel, and my gut was definitely twitchy and bloated. I realized that these were all feelings & symptoms I hadn't felt in a long time, and was only feeling them now because I had been recklessly eating just as I always had before - vast amounts of butter, white bread, cheese, chocolate, too much of even healthier stuff. Not to mention cream, Baileys, gin & tonics, beer...Poor overladen gut. I feel sluggish. And my ankles have swollen up - yikes!

So today, I called a halt to all that excess.

Today has been a watchful day. It has also been a no starchy carbs day. I think eating pasta, rice, potatoes, b-r-e-a-d sends me into a bit of a gorge frenzy, so I've cut them out for the next few days. Today has been all about protein & veg/fruit.

I've had just around 1800 calories. Lots of fruit - mango & orange for breakfast, and an apple this evening. Lots of veggies - a big pot of low calorie cream of celery & leek soup, cleverly made using buttermilk for the creamy taste ( that stuff is amazing, only 55 cals per 100ml ); lettuce, carrots & courgettes with my chicken breast for dinner, and I've had a couple of boiled eggs and a couple of ounces of brie for snacks. 4 teaspoons of olive oil. Several mugs of roobios tea, and a couple of mugs of water. And I managed to incorporate a couple of treats - 25g of Divine 85% dark chocolate...yum! and a slug of sherry with my stirfry this evening. All my food looked beautiful, and tasted fab.

I feel satisfied, and because I made sure I ate every 2-3 hours, and had planned every bite for today, I wasn't trolling the kitchen looking for eats. Yay for forward planning.

Here's for tomorrow's good day.

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