Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day 116 Being myself is OK

It was lovely to see my schoolmates again. It was lovely to hear about their lives, lay a few ghosts, laugh together, go goo-goo over our hostess's new baby, and reminiscence. I had a fun time. Best of all, I didn't feel at all envious of any of their lives, because it is okay being me.

And that is what I went there for. It's good to make peace with little me.

I liked how all my schoolmates turned out. Every single one of them a good egg! Hehe. I'm proud they were part of my life and that I know them. I'm feeling a tad emotional and very happy.

My lovely ex is thinking of doing a marathon next Spring. I told him I would be there to cheer him on, just let me know when. For myself, I have a little plan for entering a local 5K walk/run, which is held in May. So I will be starting up my walking fitness for doing that.

On today's picture - I don't do classes! So no photo.

It has snowed buckets here today. Took me twice as long to get back from my reunion as it took to get there yesterday. I'm certainly going to look into getting snow chains for my car if the UK weather starts being regularly snowy. That or a pair of skis to cross country there's a thought! Still snowing now, and this is the most snow I've seen for years of living here, and normally we get none or very little, and inch or so. Right now I'm looking out at 6 inches plus. :o

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