Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 106 FBP day 11 and a photo of someone I love

Yay! Another pound down! Sticking to the FBP principles yesterday seems to have paid off. Now 21 st 2 lbs or 296 lbs. Today's menu is meat & tomatoes, and as much FBP soup as I want - except I am going to be elsewhere this evening, so I am off-plan for this evening. I am going to try and keep within the RDA 2000 cals, and enjoy myself too.

Work seems to be going okay. I have high hopes that the overall result of this week's efforts will be positive.

Here is a photo of my sister - she is someone I love. I am okay with the idea of family love, friend love, pet love, hobby love, place love, all of those are easy and I appreciate all of that in my life. I find romantic love a difficult subject at the moment. More emotional work required! :)


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