Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 114 a photo of me with someone I love

Here's a picture of me with the best big brother in the world. He is kind, generous and absolutely lovely. Here we are at the Chinese restaurant Eipoh celebrating my dad's birthday.

BIG BRO & ME, 2009
I really like that dress - hope to get back into it in time for the summer!

Foodwise, am not doing so great. But am still eating my fruit and veg! This morning's fruity delight was a yummy mango. Not so good was the toast with butter... I'm planning an eggy lunch, or possibly some carrot & lentil soup. Dinner tonight, boiled potatoes, some kind of protein & a medley of boiled veg - carrots, broccolli & peas probably, and my excellent standby, Bisto gravy. Hmm, can tell I'm feeling cold!

Tomorrow is the reunion - am full of trepidation and excitement about it. Got to pop along to the supermarket now to get various ingredients and somewhow fit in some cake-making in between all the ridiculous work deadlines...Have now decided on the desserts, an easy peasy no cook decadent chocolate ganache style tart & a sharp and rich lemon polenta cake. And am getting some berries & greek yoghurt, so if either of those fail, I will have something to take tomorrow!

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