Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 103 a minor setback and a helpful workshop

Day 9 was not FBP eventually. I mindlessly ate some fried doughy things & a piece of cake at the workshop this afternoon. Sometimes wanting to fit in seems to be more important than sticking up for what is right for me. Next time I will know better. I later compounded that by having some cheese with my apple. Small consolation, at least it was a 'healthy' snack, and in the final reckoning the calories stood at 2062. So. So, that shows me that this habit forming thing is not yet ingrained! More perseverance required. :) The workshop was interesting and thought-provoking, full of ideas sorting out one's wayward thoughts. Next week we will do more. What I find amazing is that all this stuff was already around except I just didn't see it. It is absolutely true, that when the student is ready, the teachers will appear.

Back on the FBP tomorrow. For now, am chilling out with some TV and contemplating getting my last two glasses of water.

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