Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 104 Another great weigh-in and a photo of me

Just had to post this! Am down another pound - yay! Current weight now 297 lbs or 21 st 3 lbs. I hopped on and off several times to make sure that was true, as I'd eaten offplan yesterday.

FBP day 10 - veg day. Have made some onion, bacon & celery soup. Yes, I know bacon isn't in the FBP, but I am doing what works for me. :) It will be fabulous to be 21 st exactly by the end of this week - however I do realise this week may well be challenging, as I have lots of deadlines & expectations to meet/exceed/pull magic rabbit out of hat for ;) Have spent weekend coalescing design ideas in my head, am now going to open the tap and see what comes out & hope clients will like what they get.

I'm also going to try applying the positive thinking approach to dealing with the expected stresses I may encounter this week. Let's hope for a win-win for everyone!

Photo of me from 2004. My sister & I went on one of our sister weekends - to Sussex. We wandered around Brighton and then spent a day at one of the National Trust's wonderful properties - Petworth House. I like this picture of me, even though I'm very fat, because I look so happy. :)


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