Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 101 Juicer struggles, a great weigh-in and 1 year ago

Today is the last day of the first week of the FBP - juicer day. I get to consume as much fruit & veg from the plan's 'negative' calorie list I can process into juice. So perhaps today is kind of like an Innocent Smoothies day. Got a lot of bananas left over from day 4, which might be nice squooshed up with freshly juiced oranges. Of which I have exactly none, so a trip to the supermarket might be on the horizon.

The downside about today's breakfast - carrot & apple juice, was dismantling the dratted juicer! It is a whole fruit one, and is enormous. I haven't used it in 3 years & forgot where I put the manual, and was faced with how to take out the centrifugal mesh bit in the middle...getting that sorted, researched, and fiddled around until success took the better part of an hour and MUCH frustration. all endeavors, it finally came to a conclusion, and in this case, a good one. I now know how to operate, dismantle, clean and reassemble the gargantuan machine that is taking up valuable counter space in my tiny kitchen! The juice it makes is yummy too.

Another success: the unreliable scales told me this morning that I was 299 lbs! Yay! Swoops of rah-rahs going on in my head! Less than 300 lbs!

That result makes me so happy I didn't give in to my impulses yesterday - to eat non FBP foods. I had some prawns I'd planned on having for dinner, but no veggies that actually went with it (in my hide-bound tasty meals ideas) so I nearly succumbed to having pasta. But as I was in the kitchen opening the cupboard I asked myself: "do you REALLY want to sabotage this week by doing that? You're getting to eat carbs tomorrow anyway, and so far, following the plan has gotten the lbs off." And I realised that actually it was worth it to stick to the plan. Spaghetti can wait. I come first! Or rather my health comes first over my tastebuds!

I'm listing my foodstuffs for yesterday, a protein & veg day, because of some good food combos which I might want to repeat when I'm not on the FBP:
chicken breast, pan-fried with sliced mushrooms in 17g butter (butter was off plan), rosehip tea
chopped romaine lettuce with dijon mustard dressing (1 tsp each balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard) and two hard-boiled eggs
more borscht - this time liquidized and with 1 tbsp half-fat creme fraiche stirred in
platter of julienned carrots, cauliflower florets and chopped romaine lettuce with a tablespoon of dijon mustard to dip (this was particularly satisfying to eat, but next time I might mix the mustard with something else - like honey & balsamic vinegar)
chicken oxo drink
140g prawns cooked with a tin of tomatoes, 1 tsp olive oil, and a ground up fresh chilli, half tsp seasalt, half a tsp bottled lemongrass paste, a tsp of tom yum paste and a couple of cloves of garlic. That was kind of a cross between a soup and a stew, and tasted really good. Next time I'll makes sure I have some coriander to mix in, and maybe some watercress or spinach. Cat was VERY happy - she got her share too - unadulterated by sauce...
Total calories: 1046
I also drank all 4 pints of water for the day. :)

And this morning, a great result!

For the photo-sharing - this is me from 1 year ago. I'm at the Birmingham Art Gallery, and the picture I'm standing next to is one of those illusive things, like Escher drawings, that make you wonder exactly what you are looking at...


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