Monday, 20 December 2010

Day 118 Splooshy, Slooshy

I'm living in a world of slush. Postie braved my front path this morning, brave man. I must get out the spade and clear the snow. Tomorrow will be a good day to do that. A bit of exercise.

Christmas tree is still outside. I've spent the day trying to keep warm, and watching cooking programmes on the computer. Daft really, as it is almost certainly going to be Noel Seul. The weather being as yukky as it is, I don't feel like driving anywhere, so it is probably a fish dinner in the company of my snoracius cat! She does make me laugh. And her idea of a wonderful Christmas Day is a yummy dinner, and going to sleep perched on my tummy while I watch TV. Easy to please her :)


Hmm. Today's photo is supposed to be of something I like doing. Eating - certainly! But perhaps not so good to put in. Reading, yep, but not particularly energetic. Ahhh - dancing. I like dancing, although I haven't done much in a while. Ditto on cycling, walking, swimming, sailing...sigh. Guess the thing I seem to like doing best is... nothing. Snoozing, like my cat. Oh dear.

Well, that's got to change! So I'm putting in some photos of my walk in the snow yesterday, when I tramped through the slippy white stuff to the newly recreated winter wonder park :) Just a little tootle, but it got my circulation going, and it was fun. I'm planning more of this.


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