Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 104 Work Blues and an off-plan addition

Calories today: 1502. Had a wholemeal bagel with the last of my soup this evening, not an FBP food, because I'd burned the swede I was intending to have as mash...

Has been a rather distracting day - work didn't go well, have everything to re-do tomorrow, but at least I now know what is wanted. Just hope what I deliver will meet approval. :)

And as part of my positive thinking here are 3 good things that happened today:

I made a little tent for my cat next to the radiator & got this photo of her peering out...heh.


It's been really cold and icy today. The radio has been spewing out dire traffic warnings all day. I worried that my brother & sister, who commute every day to work, might be stuck in some immense traffic jam in these conditions - but they texted me to say they were okay. :)

The gig I'm going to see has been postponed to the next day, which is great because the forecast for that day is sunny and clear, and just in case travel conditions are still bad, I've booked a hotel, so my music buddy, R, & I will have a great night out, and perhaps a beer or two, since we don't have to drive home.

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