Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 105 No change and a video that makes me laugh

I'm taking a little licence here and am posting a link to this instead of a photo. I remember when I first saw it I nearly fell off my chair!

No weight change today, but that is okay. I have eaten significantly more the last 2 days, but still much less than I have been before doing the FBP. Today is banana & milk/yoghurt day, and I am having to venture off to supermarketland this morning.

I'm also feeling slightly stressed because work is not panning out well, so a change of scene, and doing something else rather than obsessing and churning thinking about it is going to help. I have to get this right. And it is worth spending a little more thinking and fermenting/brewing/cooking-up of ideas before coming back to my drawing board & Mac.

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