Friday, 10 December 2010

Day 108 a protein observation, and my cat snores

What I have found interesting about meat & veg days is that I will feel very full for a long time and then suddenly I am ravenous! Last night I ended up cooking up a load of chicken livers with spinach in olive oil & worcester sauce, instead of diving for the crackers/cheese/choccie biscuits! Yay for thinking about food choices, and making a snack based on the principles of the day - protein & veg, no carbs. The oil was necessary, and this morning, the unreliable scales told me I have lost one pound. :) I now weigh 296 lbs or 21 st 2 lbs. Heh - I am sporting a HUGE grin!

Only thing is - I've eaten what I had planned for breakfast so will have to have a rethink this the meantime I'm going to have some tea & drink some water. Eggs? Pork loin chop? More tomatoes?

I also checked my blood pressure - it is 134/89. Another big grin...

Awww - my cat is snoring. She is ensconced on her favourite seat of the moment, perched on a cushion, strategically placed on the sofa right next to the radiator... I did check online about her snoring, apparently it is okay, so long as she isn't exhibiting any other bad health signs like watery eyes, lethargy, sneezing. She is due at the vet's for her shots, so I'll get them to give her a once over too.

I just saw a funeral cortege go past. It was unusual in that there was a woman in a black suit, black boots and a hat decorated with an aigrette walking slowly in front of the the cars, in the middle of the road and this is a very busy arterial route into Oxford. We're such a hurry burry society. It is good that sometimes we're forced to slow down.

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