Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 101 FBP week 1 review

Well, I've done it. Stuck, more or less to a eating plan for a whole week, all by myself. I'm giving myself a great big pat on the back and a massive hug for getting through this week so well. Yes - there was a little creativity going on, and interpretations when I couldn't get the exact thing specified. On the whole though, the cumulative efforts of the week has resulted in a decent weight-loss, which I will post tomorrow. I'm hoping to be exactly one stone less now than I was at the first weigh in I had three months ago. That, Santa, will be an awesome early Xmas prezzie!

Speaking of creativity - tonight's dinner called for mushrooms to be braised in stock and added to a rice salad I'd made earlier. No fungi anywhere, so I got creative and subbed a cupful of quorn mince. Which at 92 calories per 100g (and a cup is about 50g) was a pretty good substitute. Quorn is mycoprotein, so technically that is fungi... So I had a delicious kind of soupy mince thing, almost but not quite a risotto - full of garlic & lemon, chopped carrots, green beans & white rice. No, I haven't quite inured myself to the joys of wholegrain rice...although I do like wild rice, and camargue rice which is kind of red. Hmm.

I've drunk lots of fruit & veg juice today. I quite like it, and think I'll be drinking lots more of that in the future. I particularly like how carrots make a huge amount of juice. Have a feeling my produce bill is going to be even bigger than normal! Calories come to approx 900. I'm uncertain of how to calculate the juices so am guessing at half their normal calories of whole fruit/veg. Even if I'm off by 100%, it won't make a huge difference.

One good side-effect of doing this week - I'm feeling far more confident in myself, and in my ability to do other stuff. So there's a few things I'm going to get going on now before the end of the year, and hopefully the results will be just as awesome as this week has been :)

Tomorrow am back on the day 1 of the FBP or rather the day 8 - which is a fruit day. Handy as I've a few things rattling around in that fruitbowl that require demolishing. Think I'll make another curried soup - that was my fave one of the week. That and the courgette & tomato one. heh - better go get in an extra pint of water - yay, drunk all my 4 pints already! and hop off for a nice sleep. Energetic day ahead.

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