Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 121 Crowning glory

Hmm, photomonth deed of the day is to post a pic of a friend as a baby. Well, I haven't any. So, here is a picture of me as a blonde instead. :) That was fun, when I decided to do that. My hair is black. Totally and absolutely the deepest brunette a person can be. And I never had it cut professionally by myself  until I was 17! I don't count hairdresser visits with my mum - ooh that's bringing up a slew of memories of those helmet hairdryers and yakking women pulling my hair & scalp, oww! Anyways, I was 21, young free and single and I wanted a new look...

What I loved most about this hair-do was how people would ask me if I was from South America. Should have learned Spanish & Portuguese and baffled 'em further! ;)

The unreliable scales tell me I am 306 lbs. Well, that's 6 lbs I'm going to get off again. :) Some of it might be due to my hormonal cycle.

Splish splosh! I am going to try and make it to the pool this afternoon - got a pile of work to do first & then my conscience is clear. Tomorrow is my decorating tree day, and tidying up for my Seul Noël. Chrismas tree survived the ice, and seems to be none the worse for wear, yay! Hope my brother's flight makes it off the runway at Heathrow today, fingers crossed.

Interesting fact about this weight loss/habit changing journey - I opened a bar of chocolate yesterday, and could only eat 4 squares. Only 4! That is awesome. Who IS this person I've become? I like her. And even though I have put back all the weight I lost earlier this month, I'm glad I tried out that fatburner plan again. I learned some valuable stuff about myself: that I can do this, that I can be quite happy without eating lots of processed and fatty foodstuffs, that it is possible to change my eating habits, and that eating healthily is enjoyable. Now to get back to work on the new habit forming around exercise, and perhaps combine the two for my lasting good health.

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