Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day 109 The Unreliable Scales say...and 3 good things

bless them, they said, you are one pound up today. :) Not 5, or 6. Only one pound. Phew!
Update: I did the stats for yesterday - total cals 3035. 

So - today I am back on the FBP. Have a heap of work to get through with crazy deadlines to map my way through. Meetings to discuss said work on Monday - eek! Luckily all of it is straightforward.

I also have my raspberries to plant. They have been waiting patiently for the weather to stop being so cold. This weekend I will be heeling them temporarily into my garden while I get on with their final place at the allotment. Some construction required!

My 3 good things:
noticeable good new habit - I now quite enjoy skim milk in my tea instead of semi-skimmed. Yay for tastebud changes!
Last night's binge fest was noticeably smaller than previous ones. I did eat a lot of cheese, about 200g worth, and quite a lot of processed bread/cracker/biscuits, but so much less than I could have done. Yay for smaller stomachs!
The negative thoughts and feelings - although I did give in to them in my usual fashion, I also tried to deal with them in other ways. So today I am feeling much more positive, and am not sunk into a depressive state and eating everything in sight. Yay for positive thinking!

Today's photos: me as a baby



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