Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 112 Up and down, and a photo of one of my best friends

I seem to be regaining some of the pounds I lost last week. I know why. I've been like a horse confined to eating hay all winter and suddenly been let out to lush verdant pasture again. Hmm, have even had a touch of colic from eating too much rich foodstuff!

Had better rein myself in before I get back to that 300 lbs mark. :(
So easy to regain. So hard to lose...but perseverance is the key.

I've been subconsciously telling myself 'I'm working so hard at work, surely I need a little treat?' and before I know it, that little treat has become lots of extra snacks plus 3 decent sized meals. And I've been eating bread, and lashings of butter.

I don't deny it has been nice to just eat anything. And yes, I have been eating too much. But good thoughts here, I still really want to eat vegetables and fruit more than I want to eat chocolate, sweet stuff & processed products. Yay for better eating habits. I think it will help to stop buying these things for a while again - what isn't here, can't be eaten!

I'm still hoping for that wonderful scenario of being less than 294 lbs on Christmas Day.

I have a reunion coming up on Friday which I've promised to make a pudding. 10 people. I can't remember the last time I cooked for so many. Usually it is 4-6 at the most or I'm contributing to a buffet that others have added to. Am considering a french apple tart, pear and almond cake, tiramisu, or no fuss lemon cheesecake. The oven is a bit temperamental so perhaps it might be the fridge options. Perhaps I could try my hand at pavlova. Easy, light and plenty of fresh fruit in it, plus has wow factor. Also I'm not that keen on meringue ( too sweet ) so I won't be eating so much of it! :) Will decide tomorrow.

Picture for today is supposed to be of my best friend(s). I've realised I don't have any pictures of them! Am going to start taking more photos of my mates! I do have this though, a photo of one of them from last Christmas...


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  1. I've been doing the same thing. A small smackerel here and there, then I realized I've gained 5 pounds!

    Slow and steady. Thanks for the inspiration to eat better.