Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day 110 FBP result & films I have loved

This morning the unreliable scales swung to 21 st 4 lbs, or 298 lbs. So my net loss over the last two weeks has been 7 lbs. I know where I can improve, and that's a good thing.

I set out last night to eat lots of chocolate, and amazing - I didn't. :o unheard of!! I had 6 chocolate biscuits, then felt biscuited/chocolated out. Gosh. Never before has that happened. So another new habit/taste has developed - learning when is enough. :)

Today I'm going to get started back on eating normal portions (normal as within 1800 - 2000 cals). I have found the days I liked best on the FBP were the all veggie days with the potato dinner or lunch, the meat & veg days with no carbs, and the rice & veg day with no protein. So am going to incorporate those into my new eating plan, and see what happens. Oh yes, eating soup everyday, FBP style is on the menu too.

Here's a few pictures of films I have loved. There are dozens more, these are the ones that spring to mind first.

Hmm, and a plan for before Xmas - if I do get to below 21 st or 294 lbs, I am going to get myself some perfume! If I do it after, I'll get myself some delicious bubble bath.

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