Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 98 Five bananas, no more!

The FBP says I can eat up to 8 bananas. Frankly I don't understand how anyone can! I've managed to stuff down 5 today, but really, all I wanted to eat was soup. Soup is tasty!

Today's soup-making was curried cauliflower. Lovely and spicy, and with some spinach leaves wilted into it, totally gorgeous to look at, smell, and taste. And I had 170g of 0% Fage Total Greek Yoghurt. I am never buying supermarket brand Greek yoghurt again - there just is no comparison... My modifications to the banana/milk day was a tablespoon of honey (illegal carbs/hi GI, no doubt) but despite that & half a pint of semi-skimmed milk, total calories were 1327. Drank my 4 pints of water too - yay!

I've made a dent in the project. Decided to go with what people have seen and not throw a spanner into the works. There just isn't time to redo it in a new style. Early up tomorrow to email it out to everyone. Tired and sleepy now.

Tomorrow is steak & tomatoes day. Now that, I'm looking forward to! :D

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