Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 72 Everyday Anew

It is the only way to keep on going. Stumble, pick up self, walk forward.

Yesterday, after foolishly having a bottle of London Pride, I had a couple of bagels, then I also ate lots more chocolate rice krispie cakes, and then decided to make scones...yes, they were very pretty heart shaped ones, and absolutely delicious with some butter. Counting the cost today in calorie terms though, that evening's dissipation came to 1890 extra calories.

The sad thing is that this was typical behaviour and eating patterns of mine. None of it was particularly bad, but cumulatively repeating behaviour like this day after day means I always managed to either maintain my high weight, or I put weight on. And to recollect that before August this year, I would routinely cook with lots of butter, lots of oil, whole fat cream, creme fraiche, unmeasured amounts of cheese...eeek!

Right now, I am making a vegetable gratin - a dish full of potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, peas and carrots in a blanket of low fat cheese sauce made with cornflour, skimmed milk, cream cheese and parmesan. Formerly that sauce would have been made with butter & flour, cream, and lots of cheddar...

I like to eat. So I guess the only way for me to eat anything like the amount or kinds of foods I like means I WILL have to become a much more active person, and learn to eat the foods I like in moderate amounts. So that means moving more and being more aware of how much food is in calorific terms. Less time sitting in front of the computer. More time walking about, doing things, cycling places instead of driving, walking as a habit, more swimming!

Not rocket science, nope. I'm not going to be blasting off in a huge expenditure of energy off to the moon of my ultimate aims, nope. What I am going to be doing is making small changes, every day, like I have been doing since August. And next August I will look back and see a whole different kind of life than the one I currently lead - a much healthier, much more active, and as a consequence of all that, a much happier life.

Because, from where I am standing now - 72 days down the line, I can see already that I have made changes for the better. Baby steps instead of seven league boot steps. All those baby steps though have gotten me 8 lbs lighter so far, and who knows, maybe by the middle of this month, I may be lighter still. I certainly feel lots healthier!

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