Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 78 Professional Pride

For the first time in a while I'm feeling professional pride :) it is a great feeling, and I hope it continues!

Now, if only I could feel the same pride in my weight-loss and exercise efforts that would be good too. All my baked goodies and chocolate scoffing has caught up with me. A sneaky look at my unreliable scales says I'm up a few pounds :( So action has to be taken!

I read on Doc's 'Dr Fatty Finds Fitness' that for her, exercise and diet done together works, whereas just doing one or the other is less successful. So for the sake of my self-pride (and the enticement of getting back into my wardrobe of clothes!) I'm going to keep trying, and keep doing. Getting peer validation in one area of my life should help me with others.

Calories today: a respectable 1879. I've had a kitkat chocolate bar and a banana muffin, and 3 decent meals. Plenty enough. Now to drink lots of water and go to bed, and program myself to be that fit energetic healthy person that is just busting to get out of this fat-suit!

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