Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 96 The Fat Burner Plan (modified)

Okay, I've managed Day 1 of this plan. Yay for me! I am SO proud of myself.

The first day incorporates a little fat and a little carbohydrate, so I guess that is why I'm feeling fine. Day 2 and 3 are much more challenging, being predominantly fruit, and predominantly veg. Am doing fine so far on Day 2, but have succumbed to having a little semi-skimmed milk in my tea and half a cup of peas in the soup. I don't have fresh stock so am using Knorr veg & chicken stock cubes. Must investigate the salt content of both, but am not putting extra salt in the soup.

So: Day 1
My first bowl of soup wasn't strictly fat-burner, because it was my left over barley & veg soup from earlier in the week. The second batch was almost fatburner. The almost being that I loathe the taste of boiled onions, so saut├ęd them in a teaspoon of olive oil before plonking in all the rest of the diced carrots, celery, celeriac & swede - approx 350g total veg weight. Not sure how much that tsp of fat will affect the results of this week. I am encouraged though that weighing myself this morning, Sunday, with clothes on, I was 304 lbs...

Food for Day 1
plum compote (4 plums) - the plan calls for melon & grapes but I didn't have any
roobios tea (no milk)

barley & veg soup
banana, pear, clementine, satsuma
rosehip tea

veg soup
baked potato, scooped out & mashed with 14g butter, salt & pepper & reheated til crisp
250g brussels sprouts
lime juice, red onion & tomato salsa

veg soup
banana, pear, clementine, satsuma
roobos tea (no milk)
water - 3 pints (doing well) - plan calls for at least 8 glasses of water, which I assume are 10 fl oz glasses or 4 pints.

The calories for Saturday come to approx 1300.
Interestingly after my baked potato & brussel sprout dinner, I did feel quite full, and every time I felt hungry throughout the day I had fruit, a bowl of soup, a glass of water or a cup of tea. When I had cravings for cheese, bread, peanut butter and thoughts about eating non FBP stuff, and found myself looking inside the fridge, I said to myself - what is more important? Eating now or feeling & looking good later? And it worked. Yay for my good decisions!

Day 2 is going okay so far, today is very much a fruity day!

Had a big bowl of soup for breakfast. Plan calls for mango & orange smoothie but I don't have either.
Then rosehip tea, a banana, satsuma & clementine, mid-morning.
I had a pint of water. Then a platter of sliced apple & pear for lunch.
mid-afternoon now, I've had another pint of water, and a bowl of soup, and two mugs of tea with semi-skimmed milk.
More fruit to go with my soup later. And a couple more pints of water.

Ice on the roads today. I popped out to post a letter - brrrrrr! I am definitely hoping Santa will get me some ear-muffs! Or else I'd better find my hats with flaps PDQ...


  1. Good luck with this new plan. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Clyde. Seems to be keeping me busy, all this chopping up of veggies & making soup...