Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 91 Back on the Bike!

Yay! Maiden cycle ride this lunchtime - a little tootle around Florence Park and along some nice quiet roads for about 15 minutes. I was a tad wobbly at first, and had lowered the seat because I wasn't sure of my dexterity and balance any more. No pictures because I was concentrating so hard on everything my body was telling me - especially my left knee and my calf muscles which were moaning, ouch ouch ouch! Silly things, I told them, it is only because you've been so inactive. Shush and enjoy the ride.

So, I am feeling very happy with myself.

And so very pleased with my lovely bike, spinning all 300 lbs of me around all that lumpy tarmac! Heh - the sooner I find my gel-tech saddle cover the better, then I can do longer rides :)

Have been food shopping too, and got loads of fruit and veg. Not been paid yet, so the Xmas shopping will have to wait for next week. I have been entertaining the thought of making some chilli jam this year. That's a nice kind of foodie prezzie, not vastly fattening, nor will I be tempted to eat it all before giving it away, PLUS I know all the people who I give presents to will like it. :) Heh. Now that's going to be a fun project! Have to find a good recipe first.

Foodwise, it has been a pretty good day. I haven't felt very hungry today for some reason. Exercise? Being out and about? Anyway, woke up late - 9 ish, then went out for the bike ride, went shopping, and finally ate all the leftovers in the fridge for late lunch. Which was my home made chickpea & roasted aubergine dip with two slices of wholegrain toast (totally yummy & calorie counted), the beetroot with some white wine vinegar as salad, plus an apple, a tangerine and a clementine. My fruitbowl is also brimming with pears, apples and bananas. And I have plums in the fridge to stew and have with yoghurt & honey sometime this week. Had lentil soup for dinner & now I'm having the last two chocolate rice krispie squares (from last week's baking) & a banana muffin from the freezer. And the interesting thing is I feel absolutely fine about all this. I'm not ridden with guilt. And that's a good feeling :) Maybe it is because my fridge is stuffed with VEGETABLES... ;) and I'm going to be having a vegetablicious week ahead...hehehe

It was so lovely reading about Shelley's (My Journey to Fit) Half Marathon triumph today. She is SO inspiring. And everytime I read another blogger's journey, their trials, their triumphs, their naff days, their great days, the NSVs, I think - yes, I can do this too. Maybe my path will be different, maybe it might take me a loooooong time, but I'll get there in the end. One day, that will be me, cycling my 30 miles, and grinning from ear to ear ;)

Right now I'm just so happy I got my tush back on my bike, and didn't fall off or break the bike. Yay! Note to self - next time wear thermals & the neoprene gloves - temps are plummeting this week, brrrrr. Although I was crispy cold to start with, and my hands did feel like ice when I got back, the rest of me was nice and toasty warm. Oh yes, and drop a hint to my sister that I'd really really like santa to give me some hand-knitted ear muffs... ;)


  1. Yay! Good for you! The beauty of cycling is that it is fun and you will soon, gradually go further and further to greater distances.

    For some weird reason, people always want to see pics of the bike. Please post!

  2. Thanks Clyde! Will post a pic of my lovely Dawes Hybrid soon.