Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 85 Feline Dreams

I've been reading a little book by Deric Longden, called "Paws in the Proceedings". About a man, and his life, and cats. Heh. Full of funny observations of rural life interspersed with accounts of cat behaviour of all persuasions. :)

Busy busy day today. And I was very cold. And run out of milk, so was drinking tea without it - surprisingly palatable, roobios tea sans leche. I might try that again.

Not tracked today. But I will have a think and write down what I remember eating for my records. Major busy-ness in store again tomorrow, plus a meeting to prepare for in the afternoon. Gulp. I'm not usually quite so corporate, but needs must, so I'm wandering in. :D

Now to go to sleep and dream up some sooper-dooper fantabulous design that will knock their socks off...

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