Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 82 Restful Sunday

Spent most of today nose in a whodunnit novel. Have tracked food, but eaten just what I wanted instead of putting restrictions on everything. So have had scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, bagels, spaghetti with mushroom/tomato sauce made with butter & olive oil, cheese, apple crumble with crème fraîche...normal sort of carb/fat/protein consumption day for me. And it has done me the world of good mentally - I feel a lot less anxious, and much more relaxed today. And I found I wasn't constantly thinking about what to eat next :) So...

I'm considering trying out the Fat Burner Plan which involves lots of low cal vegetable soup as the filler, and specific days of specific foods for two weeks. It is very much in the 'keep it simple' principle and this plan shed off the pounds pretty fast for me when I tried it before, and maybe I need that boost to pull me out of my megrims :) Tomorrow is the start of a busy (and welcome) week, so that decision is to be decided.

I've also to decide on whether to plan my Christmas shopping and cards this week, as I know I'm going to be ultra busy the next few weeks with the new project with all sorts of deadlines looming around the last week of Dec. So that will be something pleasurable to think about and put into effect. :)

heh - I can hear my cat snoring. Obviously its snooze time for me too!

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