Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 98 Frittering... and FBP day 4

I'm having one of those days - procrastinating & frittering, putting off, and 'doing other things' instead of what I am supposed to be doing...

Hmm. Needless to say (but am saying it! Doh - Queen of the Obvious :s) I have a looming deadline, and I know what I have to do, but... I -  cannot -  seem -  to - make - myself - do -  it !!!

It is a because I have had a sudden doubt that the direction I had been pursuing in this project is the right one. I've been happily bowling along this line, and with generous feedback of 'oh, how lovely it looks' etc, I have tamped down my gut feeling that perhaps there is too much styling going on, and I haven't paid enough attention to the usability of what I've been proposing.

Hence the fiddling, and putting off, and thinking about it but not actually doing anything just yet about it methodology. Days like this I wonder why I decided to become a designer...sometimes I wish for a solution that is either or, 1 or 0, binary choice, yes or no, cut and dried. I'm smiling wryly at myself at this mad thought - I know that would drive me barmy! My entire life is lived on fuzzyness.

Yesterday's calorie total was 773. Pretty amazing when I think I had a big plate of brussel sprouts, dwarf beans & mushrooms stirfried in a tsp of sunflower spread & 4 tsp of wholegrain & dijon mustard plus a baked potato with 10g of butter... and 2 bowls of soup. Guess I just wasn't very hungry. Wierd. I'm always hungry! But maybe what I used to think of as hunger was only 'see food, eat food' urgings?

Food today is most uninteresting. Maybe that is adding to the unsettledness of the day. Bananas & milk. Except I cannot 'drink' milk on its own anymore, so I've substituted fat-free greek yoghurt at 52 calories per 100g. Banana milkshake for breakfast with a dsp of honey. Had to force that down, when usually I love milkshake. The soup though has been yummy - I  made tomato & courgette soup, enhanced with 2 tsp of pesto & the usual complement of onion, celery & carrot for bulk & flavour, with a generous handful of spinach leaves to wilt in the heat before I eat it. A beautiful bowl. :)

Ugh - more bananas now. Usually I like bananas but these are just on the green side and not quite ripe, so they have that bitter aftertaste. Next week I'll buy them a day earlier so they'll be perfect eating on banana day. :) After all if bananas are all I'm getting, they might as well be the nicest yummiest ones I can have!

Hmm, think I'll have some more soup instead & the bananas later.

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