Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day 70 TV evening, and wierd facts rule

I love semi-factual TV programmes, eg Ray Mear's Bush Craft, and faux quiz shows like QI - fronted by Stephen Fry, that wonderful elegantly urbane actor & presenter. Right now they are going through wierd facts about hallucinogenic drugs throughout history. Fascinating - for example, Hitler apparently said tobacco was the Red Man's vengeance on the White Man for introducing liquor...obviously shows like this are full of great "facts" to regale one's friends with when down the pub! heh.

I'm in an excellent mood. There's the possibility of an interesting new project in the pipeline, and food today has been plentiful, yet not overly calorific. :) Big plus day! Calories 1748, Green Day Syns 33.5. No swim today, but I'm okay with that - am just so happy I'm back on top of the food mountain.

Key today was eating soup - I'm going to be making more soups this autumn & winter, especially filling ones with beans & pulses, as they seem to quieten that 'feed me' voice in my head...

Breakfast - sugar puffs with milk, roobios tea
mid morning - bowl of broccoli, lentil & spinach soup, pitta bread & aubergine-chickpea dip
late lunch - turkey, carrots & courgettes in madeira sauce, mashed potato, brussel sprouts
supper - bowl of broccoli, lentil & spinach soup, pitta bread & aubergine-chickpea dip, roobios tea

Water intake is flagging, have only had a glass & a half today. More liquids!

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