Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Day 77 A Long Day

Late posting today, it is half past one in the morning, and I'm winding down before trying to sleep. Have spent the whole day & evening working - I do this when I'm on a creative run :) and my brain is still buzzing! But now it is time for some shut eye and recharge the batteries!

I've kept a tally of the day's eats: calories 2268, much less than I thought it would be - prawns really are a superfood - big on taste, low in cals. Today I substituted cheese spread for vintage cheddar, and said "no thank you" to the muffin tin whenever I passed it after having one early in the day.

Big day tomorrow - I hope the work I did will provoke plenty of discussion, and the project will get off to a good start with everyone's input. Not going to post list of foods any more, unless there is something striking about it.

Nite everyone, have a good day tomorrow!

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