Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 73 Diwali

I didn't realise that 5 November was Diwali, or I would have put out some little glass jars with tealights in them out on the windowsills. It was raining pretty heavily last night, and since R is staying with me this weekend, we were cosily ensconced on the sofa, having a chat and drinking wine. A rather good Lussac St Emilion 2007 Bordeaux. I'd gotten R some chocolate that he used to like but couldn't find any more - Cadbury Bournville's Old Jamaica - which is dark chocolate with rum and raisins, and that tasted really nice with the rich smoothness of the wine. Not that I drank or ate a lot of either - just enough to feel indulgent, and happy, and best of all - no hangover this morning!

Yay - and my calories for the day are 1619. I attribute this solely to the fact I have been busy, out of the house, and entertaining my friend, so I didn't sit around thinking about what to eat...!

I made lasagna for dinner, a low fat version with less olive oil and low-cal cheese sauce, we had that with salad. It tasted great and I was really pleased because 1/6 portion of it comes to around 450 cals, which is a good dinner, but not ridiculous like eating pizza for 900 cals. And we have leftovers, which R is very happy about, as he can have more for lunch today!

Today, Saturday we have plans for swimming, helping out at the allotment, and watching fireworks this evening.

Food today:
Breakfast - 1 cup sugar puffs with half cup skim milk, roobios tea
mid-morning - coffee with milk
Lunch - 2 wholemeal pitta bread with aubergine/chickpea dip, tomatoes, roobios tea
Dinner - homemade lasagna, salad, 2 and a half glasses red wine, 4 chunks Old Jamaica chocolate. A couple of glasses of water before bed.

A good day, hooray!

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  1. That all sounds so great. A stormy night, excellent wine, lasagna and chocolate. I'm glad I'm reading this in the morning and not right before dinner.

    Enjoy your day!