Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 84 Royal shindigs for next year

Wow. The papers will be full of it tomorrow, every newscast today, radio & TV were full of it too. That little village that Kate Middleton hails from will be besieged by tourists now ;) heh. I thought it was a really lovely announcement to hear that Prince William had finally popped the question to his Kate. :)

I couldn't help noticing how lean and fit she was, and yes, aspirational! Not that the prince is my idea of a bit of all right, but I would like some of her obvious energy and vitality.

On another note, I also watched a programme on the telly today about people who have to live with severe facial disfigurement, and all I can say and think is that they are incredibly amazing. One young lady said, 'well, I have to live my life now, and I want to make the best of it.' I have a prominent birthmark on my right cheek that I live with day in and day out, and I do think that in some ways I have let it subconsciously dictate my actions, and perhaps part of the reason I am fat is because I can blame my isolation from society to that instead of something I am unable to change. I dunno, it is a thought. Funny, I don't normally think about it, but yes, it does bother me when I do, but mostly I never cover it up - laziness about make-up mostly - plus I have never found a foundation that works without making my brown skin look clay-ey... Well, the upshot of this spiel of garrulosity is that if severely disfigured and severely physically handicapped people can go out and be in the world and be fit, active and energetic - well, there is no reason why I can't too. All it takes is one tiny step. And to keep building on that.

Today was freezing fog every where. But I did go out of the house - not for a 20 minute walk, but 5 minutes up to the post box and back. I count that a victory, as it was really COLD! Tomorrow I'll do a 10 minute walk.  And the day after a 15 minute walk. And Friday a 20 minute walk - or even, as I am visiting a friend and her little daughter - we might go to my favourite riverside pub for a cuppa and a cake - the Isis Farmhouse.

Tomorrow is a busy day - I have stage 2 of my presentation of my project to complete and send out to the team for feedback. Have to get the brain in gear again.

Food tracking today: excellent. Actual food consumption, hmm, could be better, D minus! Calories today 3307, on account of me unaccountably needing to bake bread for some unfathomable reason...and eating most of the loaf...guhhh. Next time I have to do this, I will cut up the bread as soon as I've had one serving from it and stuff it in the freezer. That seems to work best.

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  1. I use that technique too, with freezing stuff. It works very well. Kind of interrupts the urge to grab something and immediately eat it. Good strategy!