Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 90

Gosh ninety days of blogging. Perhaps I am learning to be consistent at something ;) !!

Must go shopping, have no veggies left in the house except a couple of pre-cooked beetroot. I made the mistake of looking at BBC iPlayer this morning, for research purposes, and ended up watching all the episodes of Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers...

Sigh. I am a terrible, dyed in the wool, foodie. Even now I am plotting how to make some fo those suppers, hmm, maybe make them a teensy bit more calorie friendly.

On other hand, I am not binging, I am gainfully occupied most of the day now, and have the prospect of getting out and about tomorrow on my bike. That's the plan, stan ;)

Ol' Miz Pokey was quite feisty today. We had lots of ribbon playing sessions, and in one of them she got so caught up in the excitement, she fell off the chair! Bless her, she is a constant source of laughter.

Here's a picture of her appropriating my chair when I'd nipped off to make a cup of tea.


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