Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 83 positive progress from last year

Tracked my calories today, yay! Indulged in a banana muffin, and a pitta with some home-made aubergine and chickpea dip, so calories came in at 2305.

Good things about food intake today: I had porridge! It must be winter! heh. Had it with some golden syrup and cinnamon, and a little dash of milk - it was yummy. Otherwise, my food choices were good - low fat in general, and all of it quantified, and best of all, I was eating consciously instead of merely stuffing my face. So perhaps this season of megrims is abating? I hope so.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Found some writings I'd done late 2009, affirmations and positive choice statements - and amazingly quite a few of them I now feel like I've made some headway on. Stuff like being more self-focused in a positive way, doing more things for myself healthwise, paying attention to various other areas of my life - and yep, decluttering...! Being much more emotionally stable. Heh. So that gives me hope. Hope that maybe this time next year I'm going to be looking back at this post and saying, gosh, I've come a long way forward from that point too.

I've had this tearout from a magazine on my desk for a few days - it is an article on walk to fit in 30 days. Something I could do. I just have to psych myself into my trainers and out of the house. :) 20 minutes a day isn't much to give myself a new life. Baby steps again.

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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment today - and you absolutely CAN do this! :)