Saturday, 20 November 2010

Day 88 List three good things...

Write 3 good things about today.

Okay. First one. I decided to check out one of the potato barrels I grew in the garden this summer. :D Out of all that dark sludgy earth popped out nearly a kilo of Desiree potatoes!

Heh. Result!
So today's dinner featured mashed potato. The ones with a little scab on them had to be peeled. Tomorrow I'll have lovely boiled potatoes in their red skins - yum yum! I even have potatoes the size of grapes... It is so cool, when I get to harvest something I've planted.

Second good thing. I've unshackled the bike from its outside prison and she's indoors now. Tomorrow I'll find the pump. The tyres look like they're still in good nick. Just got to find all my bike paraphernalia now - lights, reflectors, helmet, panniers, comfy gel saddle... My beautiful Dawes Hybrid is over 15 years old, and is only exhibiting a little rusting along the handlebars. Guess that can be taken care off with some sandpaper and an enamel paint touch up. I really hope she's up to hoisting my 300 lbs around. :) But it is so brilliant. She's now accessible, and tomorrow is going to be all shiny and clean and ready for a ride.

Third good thing. I spent the day listening to the radio again. Music makes me feel happy. So, that's a good habit to keep up. And sometimes, when the song is really good, I am inspired to do a little dancing...heh. Cat always has this pitying look at me as though I am some kind of flailing dervish when I do ;)

I've also read more inspirational weight-loss blogs, and tracked my food, and mostly made healthy choices today. Mood today is much more upbeat, and my stomach is definitely feeling better than yesterday! Yay!

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