Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 72 The lowdown

Food stats for today: calories 2976. Have been snacking too much on home made goodies. On the other hand, have been doing a lot of moving stuff around the house today, and lots of tidying and getting rid of clutter. :) So spiritually, I feel lighter ;) It is a great feeling emptying out all those neglected corners filled with things I own and have forgotten about. And tomorrow I'm going through piles of papers, and getting my filing sorted - I have a feeling the round filing cabinet will be extensively employed...

Breakfast: sugar puffs, milk and tea
Mid morning: 1 cup broccoli, spinach, lentil & leek soup
Lunch: vegetable gratin, 3 bacon rashers, 1 cup cabbage, tea, scone with jam & creme fraiche
Mid afternoon snack: tea, 2 chocolate rice krispie cakes
Evening: 4 scones with butter, mincemeat, 2 chocolate rice krispie cakes, tea
Dinner: 2 bowls savory rice, tea

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