Monday, 29 November 2010

Day 97 FBP a fruit day, then a veg day...

According to my daily food spreadsheet, the total calories yesterday was 1052. And what I find quite amazing is that my appetite seems to be a little suppressed. Interesting. (heh - my body is an experimental ground!)

Dinner yesterday turned out to be a bowl of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, raisins, sultanas, chopped dried apricots, chopped banana and half a tablespoon of honey - 450 cals. The plan calls for a big platter of various fruit like pineapple, peaches, grapes which I didn't have so I substituted the calories for the dried foodstuffs I had. Strictly speaking nuts aren't on the plan, but they are technically 'fruit'! I believe it is important to be happy with what I am eating or else this plan isn't going to work. Got to say that is a combo I will try again because it was yummy, filling and kept me going until nearly 11pm, when I had to have another bowl of soup. I was supposed to have more fruit, but by that point I was totally fruited out - so am going to make pear & apple butter today and pot those last two pears for another day. It's a shame pears don't keep.

The unreliable scales told me this morning I am now 301 lbs... Hooray! It is good when results can be seen immediately. I am also feeling quite good for just eating veggies & fruit and drinking loads of water - I managed the full recommended 4 pints yesterday.

So far I am really happy with eating soup. It is perfect for this cold weather and is definitely helping with my carbohydrate comfort food cravings. :) The other thing about eating hot soup is that I HAVE to eat it slowly... heh. So my stomach full signals work better. Result!

This morning was a late start. Day 3 is a vegetable day. I think it is courgette & tomato soup on the menu today! Also have food shopping for the rest of the plan to do this afternoon, and getting draft 3 of the current work project underway. And I have to do a quick housecleaning whizz around. 1 Dec is round the corner, got to get that Christmas tree space ready, and find the decorations!


  1. I love soup, so fortunately it can be both delicious + low cal. I'd never thought about having to eat it slow...genius!
    Nuts aren't fruit...hehe. They're fats...I think. I love them so, but they're high cal. I'm glad you had a great day yesterday + congrats on the loss!

  2. Thanks Alexia! Hmm, about the nuts - you're probably right, but I was thinking laterally under the 'fruit' category... ;)