Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 87 A Beautiful Smile

The return to my previous eating habits over the last few days has resulted in a familiar unpleasant lethargy and indigestion. Which has reminded me forcibly, that eating well, and eating healthily has other objectives than losing weight.

It is about feeling good every day. It is about having energy to do things. It is about knowing that any discomfort felt is only temporary, and that the results are well worth it in the end.

I am reminded here, of when I was 17, and my dad convinced me to have braces to correct my teeth. The first week, I cried so much. I felt ugly. It hurt. I knew that no boy would ever want to kiss me. I was so down in the dumps about it I wanted to have them taken off.

But, while I was wrangling and moaning and fussing about all this, my dad said to me: think of it as scaffolding on a building. It looks ugly, but it is providing a support for the workers to build a wonderful new building, or refresh an old one. When it is taken off, you will love the smile you will have.


Thanks Dad!

I am also reminded that this body I have, is the only one I WILL ever have, so better I take care of it now, so it will help me have the kind of life I want. Full of energy, vitality, and enjoyment.

Tomorrow I'm back on the veggies and healthy eating.

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