Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day 89 Walk

I visited a friend and her two year old sprog today. Little one was a bit more vociferous today! Which was really cool because last time she was totally mute the whole time I was there! Children are funny :)

We went on a little walk along the towpath to my favourite pub. I was amazed at how busy it was, but then J explained that it was because of the scarcity of opening hours at this particular is a curious thing how behavior works. Kind of like expensive cars in short supply become ultra desirable ;) Hehe - we were there for the splendid cake. J, her daughter & I shared a piece of yummy summer fruit crumble topped deliciousness. Sprog was very fascinated by the dogs we encountered, a little sausage dog with the softest looking ears, and a huge black & white greyhound spread out like a rug!

I mentioned the May Round Table 5K Fun Run to J - she used to be a keen runner before becoming a mama, said next week she & her regular running partner were going to try and get going again on this. Hope this goes well, and maybe next May she'll be running in the 5K and I'll be walking it at least!

I made more bread this morning - woke up at 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep & just had to be doing something unrelated to computers, reading or TV...I think the rest of the loaf might be donated to the birds. Either I rig up a bird feeding station in the garden or walk over to Iffley Lock and feed the ducks, geese and cygnets. Mama & papa swan weren't around - probably canoodling somewhere else! There were also some other birds there this afternoon - I've not seen them before.

I've also semi cleared the pit masquerading as my understairs the first cull I found a billion plastic bags :o who knows what my brain thought I needed all those for! I also unearthed a drill, a CD player, a bike rack for the car, my niece's old baby seat (!), three tarpaulins...:D I obviously NEED a house with an attached garage I can fill with my junk...!

But best of all is my lovely bike. She's been brushed off and pumped up. I've found most of my bike accoutrements, except the most important - my comfy gel saddle, the bike oil for the chain, my reflectors and my lights. So it is back to the digging around for those tomorrow, but if weather is good, will take bike for a spin round the local park. Am sure the harder seat will be okay for a couple of miles, I'm not planning a trip out to Radley or Kennington just yet.

Weather forecast is crispier temperatures for this week, so the thermals & winter hats, gloves & socks will be required too. I used to really love cycling, this will be my first ride in almost 18 months. Fun times ahead!


  1. i love your british lingo! hehehee
    yayyy for cycling. i am too, except mine is done indoors. i'm not brave for outside yet!

  2. hey Alexia, thanks for dropping by :)

    Didn't quite get on the bike today, got snowed under with work, but I will try it out tomorrow in the daylight! And hopefully warmer daytime...