Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 75 Wierd dreams and cheese

Woke late today, nearly midday. I guess I needed my sleep! In mitigation for the long lie-in, I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night, surfing the web because I couldn't sleep. Ended up reading posts from The World according to Eggface, which rather influenced my dreaming later that night...

I wonder how many people do this, read a book, or a magazine or something, or watch a film of something that is out of their normal scope of activity, belief etc, and find themselves in some bizarre dreamscape peopled with all those events/persons/circumstances...?? I have a few dreams that I remember particularly, even now, years and years later, which puzzle me greatly, of the HOW my brain came up with such ideas & the dream storylines. Peculiar alchemy? Hmm. Cheese is a foodstuff that is supposed to be one instigator of extraordinary dream thoughts. There was cheese in my lasagna! ;)

Okay, daft thoughts aside, today has been a rather good day for me. I feel good, and having R around has been lovely. He kindly did the washing up this morning whilst waiting for me to surface from the land of Nod. He's the kind of person who likes to be busy, and I suppose his sense of order is rather challenged by my generally chaotic lifestyle!

Later on, he put together my weights bench which has been languishing in its box for nearly two years - so my attic is now the designated exercise space! As an extra, he also said, getting up there is also a little bit of a exercise in itself! Cat also has her workout platform, so I will be putting that upstairs as well, so when I'm finished heaving my dumbells, I can exercise her reflexes with her mouse on a string! Plus it is a handy spot for her to sit and watch.

Food today hmm. I was doing so well, until 9pm, when I had the total desire to eat a hot pudding. I tried out a microwave chocolate one, and although it was good, I think it was too much. I now feel a bit queasy, and have nixed that recipe off my list. Have to find some warm pud ideas that will let me keep to my dietary goals. This might be where I get some weightwatchers puds to keep in the freezer for such occasions. Calories 2714.

Breakfast: 1 cup sugar puffs, half cup semi-skimmed milk, roobios tea
Lunch: panfried chicken, new potatoes (the allotment haul!), broccoli, carrots, peas, gravy, roobios tea, scone with jam & cream
Tea: tea with milk, 2 slices walnut cake, a banana
Dinner: pan fried pork loin chop, vegetable gratin, cabbage, roobios tea
Snack: microwave chocolate pudding, cream

I seem to have developed a sniffle, here's hoping it is only a small blast of germification, and tomorrow I'm fine. Got my swim schedule to get started on - 232 laps for the week!

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