Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Where I can improve

Looking at my food gallery today, I can see where I can make a few changes that will pay me off dividends without adding to my hips. Portion size adjustment.

The cheese & biscuits. Well, I can still have them, just instead of 3 large and 6 small, I have 2 large and 4 small. What was good about the plate today was no butter! Yay! Less biscuits also means a little less cheese...

The porridge is good. I do use a tablespoon of honey. Maybe I can try having it this way - a little dash of honey, and lots of sweet cooked apple. Microwaved or softened with some water in a pan.

Absolutely nothing wrong with my fruit - good to have a variety. I'm thinking of that breakfast fruit platter I had the other day - nashi pear, grapes and plums - that was luscious, took me a looooooong time to eat, and I totally enjoyed it.

Again, nothing inherently bad about my nuts & dried fruit. I don't eat this that often, and it is way better than scarfing down chilli peanuts and chilli crisps, which was what I was doing last week. Still, perhaps 1/3 cup instead of 1/2.

The biggie about dinner was the rice combo with the protein/veg. Both were healthy foods - unfortunately, together they make a hefty meal. Next time, just the protein/veg OR rice/veg. Seeing as I have this difficulty in not having seconds...

Making a 2 egg instead of a 3 egg omelet. Smaller frying pan required.

Good stuff about today's food choices: I was careful about the use of fat. A small amount in the omelet, with a small knob of butter. And a small amount to fry the chicken. And it is a really good thing that I'm not relying on bread, or rushing out to buy some.

And the solero? It is okay. Loads better than eating chocolate! I'm going to investigate making my own sorbet/ice-cream/frozen yoghurts now I have a spare freezer space. Home made 100 cal delights can be mine!

Really sleepy now. Probably still catching up on the missed out zeds from last week. Going to turn in early tonight. Goodness, it is before 11 pm...

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  1. The food looks tasty and seems pretty balanced to me. I wonder if you could do a calorie count to see where it lands.

    (I like nashi pears also!)